About Us

About Us

We are an international wholesale distributor of textile inventory. We have direct and exclusive access to active stock-lots programs from multinational mills. We specialize exclusively in stretch & rigid denims, cotton, crape, velvet, lace linen, satin and workwear twills. Daily selection of first and second quality textiles at container prices. Please contact us if you have any request


To be a leader in its field by investing in people and trading quality products at low cost. To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. To be at peace with nature by creating and promoting the environmental awareness. .


To be a company at international standards that is the most reliable business with the highest quality in the textile trading in the UAE and the world. To be a model in the field with its superior qualified team, its modern and advanced applications, and to be one of the contemporary institutes that is addressed as a reference in its field. To be a world brand that is respectful to the environment and human beings, friendly to technology, reaching the power to set world standards in trading and enhancing our country's competitiveness at the international level. Since the foundation of our company, without compromising on the quality of service, to offer all our products on time with superior quality and continuously updated technology and to pass on our knowledge and experience to future generations by adding to our accumulation For. .


To be aware of our responsibilities, to take the necessary measures in time in order to provide the best service in the name of responding to all the expectations and needs of internal and external customers in the field of service by being customer-oriented..

Team Spirit

To achieve the company goals by working consistently and efficiently.

Being Different

Business is basically not only to continue but also to bring new value-added solutions.